↘️ Livestock process automation for Stanbroke
↘️ Livestock process automation for Stanbroke

↘️ Livestock process automation for Stanbroke


Time Mar 2020 - June 2020

Client Stanbroke

Industry Livestock

Internal team Project manager | Engineers | Solo designer

Stakeholders Subject expert | Back end lead

My role Lead designer

My responsibilities Client engagement

Stanbroke is a family-owned Australian integrated beef and cattle company, which offers a full range of Grain and Grass-fed beef categories and export to over 35 countries globally.


After multiple conversations with a subject matter expert, and 2 software engineers from Stanbroke, we got a good understanding of how did Stanbroke operate their business, what challenges were they facing, what did they expect to get from working with NetEngine.

One of the biggest challenges they were facing was many of their processes were manually done via Excel and papers, which can easily cause errors and also make it really hard to scale the team or onboard new staff.

As you can see on the diagram, there're multiple processes that we can tackle and digitalize, however, we decided to focus on automating and validating the data capture as the red boxes showing in the diagram at the early stage of our partnership.


Current process


Understanding the data relationships

The Kill Sheet is a legal document, and thus compliance is essential. Let’s raise the level of usability, make the data entry intuitive, and present real-time data and alerts to mitigate any risk associated with the capture of these many (25 +) variables.

Communication is key