💕 10th of April

Yesterday was Friday. It was another relaxing Friday finished around 4pm, right after I chatted about design system with my colleagues. Right after finishing work, I went to a friend's place to celebrate his birthday along with several other mutual friends, and I even sang 3 songs from Coldplay. Today is Saturday. Woke up around 8pm and wasn't feeling quite refreshed since slept quite late the former night. Ate a light meal after got up from bed around 10am, quickly felt sleepy after eating. After nearly 3 hours nap, it's already 15 minutes to 2pm. I jumped out from my bed, and start getting ready with my catchup with a designer from New Zealand. Following that, Jan and I had a hour long catchup with Caleb re a social app we're working on at the moment.

💕 8th of April

After a day's work, I watched a documentary about fasting.

🧠 3rd of April

Binge watched a handful of health & environment-related documentaries including What the Health & Seaspiracy directed by Kip Andersen & Keegan Kuhn, The Game Changers directed by Louie Psihoyos, Kiss the Ground directed by Joshua Tickell and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, etc. I didn't realize that What the Health and Seaspiracy both came from the same directors until I was halfway through the former and found that the way of 2 documentaries was telling stories is extremely similar. At first, the opinions of What the Health and Seaspiracy elaborated were shocking and unbelievable to me, and it nearly made me feel that a plant-based diet is a single truth of being healthy as well as being friendly with our mother earth. However, I gradually found that a lot of those opinions were quite biased and lacked solid evidence. For example, the interpreter kept asking complex questions to the receptionist and delivered a disappointed tone after not getting a satisfactory answer.

The game changers introduced some well-known athletes who performed better after turned to a plant-based diet. It seems less biased than the other two documentaries that were just mentioned above. But I'm still a bit skeptical with the scientific evidence behind.

🎲 2nd of April

Spent a whole day playing one single robot fighting game in John's place with 2 other board gamers and got fed a lot of delicious food
Spent a whole day playing one single robot fighting game in John's place with 2 other board gamers and got fed a lot of delicious food

After a whole day's game, it's already 7pm on Good Friday. David(Alias), one of the gamers, said he could give me a lift. He drives a huge van that can seat more than 10 people, and he mentioned he was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 25. I was shocked at first, then I told him that I think he is very lucky to be able to survive from cancer although testicular cancer is one of the luckiest cancer.