↘️ Transforming a structural timber design tool from inside out
↘️ Transforming a structural timber design tool from inside out

↘️ Transforming a structural timber design tool from inside out

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Time Aug 2018 - Aug 2019

Industry Architectural Design

Internal team Project manager | Engineers | Solo designer

Stakeholders Subject expert | Marketer

My role Lead designer

My responsibilities Discover & synthesis Scope definition & sprint planning Design deliverables Education & influence Prensentation & facilitation Project coordination

Hyne Timber is one of Australia’s largest producers of sawn timber products, a leader in preservative treatments, and an iconic supplier to the Australian construction industry.

Hyne Design is the industry standard for structural timber design - provides the structural properties and span tables for all of the most popular Australian engineered timber products, and it delivers the associated engineering reports and certification documentation.


Survey results - Users

During the early stage of this project, we gathered some survey documents that were conducted by Hyne Timber.

The completion rate was 74% and there're 1600 respondents in total.

Based on the survey results, I visualized some key elements of this project - Roles, Experience of using the software, Frequency of using this software, and Design type.


Survey results - Problem prioritization

Based on the survey results from more than 1600 respondents, I've also gathered the top problems below ⬇️

Top likes and top software changes
Top likes and top software changes

Design solution

From what we can see in the problem prioritization ⬆️ chart, some of the problems listed could be solved through design, some rely more on the overall business plan of Hyne timber. Then our focus boils down to how to create a more user-friendly experience for different types of users of Hyne Design software

Design process


Final design


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